Friday, November 17, 2023
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SUSTRANS at North Woodside Road

The consultation about the plans to extend the pavement at the junction of North Woodside Road and Great Western Road as part of the Connecting Woodside project has resulted in a majority of nearly 60% approval of the proposals.

These works are now almost certain to proceed. As the local Roads Authority, Glasgow City Council does not require planning permission to make alterations to the existing roads layout. The current timescale for the commencement of this phase of the Connecting Woodside project is between February and March 2024 with construction expected to last approximately 6 weeks.

Residents immediately adjacent are concerned about its potential for use as an external seating area for drinks and food. Such a conversion is now always permitted as a result of UK Government legislation passed in 2023 which allows tables and chairs to be sited on pavements as long as no total obstruction is caused.

Your Community Council has a statutory right to comment and be heard if such an area becomes a nuisance in the terms outlined by the Glasgow City Council Licensing Policy.


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