Black Quarry

McCall's Black House
McCall’s Black House

This quarry opened around 1700 and was located on the east side of St George’s Road, near to North Woodside Road. Many of the old houses of Glasgow were built with stone from this quarry, which had the peculiarity of rapidly became dark on exposure to the atmosphere

.A mansion was built in 1753 for one of the Tobacco Lords on the corner of Cow Lone (Queen St) & West Gait (Argyle St) and it was known as McColl’s Black House, on account of the colour of the stone.

By around 1800 the quarry had been exhausted, and it was abandoned. In 1849 it was the subject of “much ado of late before the Dean of Guild Court”.  The quarry contained a deep pool of stagnant water, and was used as a receptacle for the rubbish and carrion of the district. There had been a number of drownings over a period of time, with people losing their way in the dark, people being intoxicated and children playing in the area. The quarry was closed in 1850 on account of it being a danger to the inhabitants.