Thursday, December 7, 2023
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St Georges Road


Glasgow City Council propose to construct a new two-way segregated cycle track adjacent to the existing footway in the whole length of St Georges Road from Charing Cross to Garscube Road.

Other roads affected by these proposals are Carnarvon Street, Clarendon Place, Glenfarg Street, Maryhill Road, North Woodside Road, St Georges Place, St Georges Road and West Princes Street.

The order entails many new parking and loading restrictions and full details can be found on the Council website here. Woodside residents or businesses affected by these proposals have until 1st December to comment or object.  

Claypits Award


Hamiltonhill Claypits Management Group have finally got their hands on the 2022 Golden Pineapple awarded for the creation of the finest new public space in the whole of the UK for that year.

Judges were impressed by the redesignation of the large 17-hectare area from ‘Vacant and Derelict Land’ to a ‘Local Nature Reserve’. They praised the management group’s understanding of the needs of all parts of the community, and its balancing of the requirements of stakeholders. Judges also noted the significant challenge in making this site accessible for the first time in hundreds of years.

Claypits Nature Reserve is on our doorstep here at South Speirs Wharf and all Woodside residents and workers are urged to make use of this superb local asset.

SUSTRANS at North Woodside Road


The consultation about the plans to extend the pavement at the junction of North Woodside Road and Great Western Road as part of the Connecting Woodside project has resulted in a majority of nearly 60% approval of the proposals.

These works are now almost certain to proceed. As the local Roads Authority, Glasgow City Council does not require planning permission to make alterations to the existing roads layout. The current timescale for the commencement of this phase of the Connecting Woodside project is between February and March 2024 with construction expected to last approximately 6 weeks.

Residents immediately adjacent are concerned about its potential for use as an external seating area for drinks and food. Such a conversion is now always permitted as a result of UK Government legislation passed in 2023 which allows tables and chairs to be sited on pavements as long as no total obstruction is caused.

Your Community Council has a statutory right to comment and be heard if such an area becomes a nuisance in the terms outlined by the Glasgow City Council Licensing Policy.

Next Meeting 5th February, 7pm.


Don’t forget the next Woodside Community Council meeting is on Monday, 4th December 2023 at 7pm in Community Central Hall, 304 Maryhill Road Glasgow G20 7YE.



The Woodside Halls building in Glenfarg Street has been taken over by Community Central Hall in Maryhill Road and is to re-open soon after much needed repairs and maintenance have completed. The Halls had been closed and not maintained during the pandemic by Glasgow City Council who then struggled to find the resources needed to re-open the building.

Since it is a charity Community Central Hall was able to access the monies needed for the work from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. All of the rooms and halls in CCH are routinely fully booked and the Woodside Halls will now provide the additional accommodation needed by CCH to meet local demand.  



Woodside Community Council has been re-established after a three-year hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We have at present nine volunteer members with room for three more. If you are aged eighteen or over and live in Woodside then please consider joining our Council.

We help to access Glasgow City Council services and resolve other types of problem for our residents and businesses.  Application forms can be found here and should be submitted to the City Council as shown on the form.     

You can check if you are a Woodside resident on our website here. You are also very welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings as a member of the public. These are held at 7pm on the first Monday of each month in Community Central Hall at 304 Maryhill Road G20 7YE. 



Some of the Christmas lights erected around the branches in four of the trees at St Georges Cross have been recently vandalized. Lamps and cabling in three of the trees will have to be replaced. Your Community Council is seeking costs for the project and will then try to resource funding for the works hopefully in time for Christmas this year.

The lighting was installed in 2010 at the instigation of the late Councillor George Roberts and has provided welcome festive cheer at the main intersection of our neighbourhood. It has also been the focus of a charming little switch-on ceremony each December attended by our local primary school and nursery school children.          

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