Savings Bank Building

Savings Bank in New City Road

Savings Bank in New City Road

The Glasgow Savings Bank was founded in 1836 and operated from Hutcheson’s Hospital in Ingram Street. It was intended to encourage the poor to save and established a network of agencies across the city that were staffed by volunteers.

The New City Road branch was designed by Neil Campbell Duff in 1901 and built using red sandstone. It was  designed as a tenement with the bank on the ground floor.

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  1. Alan Richardson

    As an amateur photographer I am interested in comparisons between different buildings The New City Road Savings Bank building has a passing resemblance to the New York Flatiron Building though nothing like on the same scale and visual impact any information on the influences on Neil Campbell Duff in designing the the building? The New York Flatiron was built in 1901


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