Do you live in Woodside ?

If you live in one of the following streets then you are a resident in the catchment area of Woodside Community Council:

Ancroft Street

Baird’s Brae

Barr Street

Belmont Street (No. 62)

Braid Square

Braid Street

Burnbank Gardens

Burnbank Lane

Burnbank Place

Burnbank Terrace

Burns Street

Callander Street

Camperdown Street

Cedar Court

Cedar Street

Civic Street

Clarendon Place

Clarendon Street

Corn Street

Cromwell Lane

Cromwell Street

Dick Street

Edington Street

Farnell Street

Garriochmill Road (Nos. 29, 30, 32, 34, 36, 93, 99)

Garriochmill Way (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4)

Garscube Road (Nos. 186-674 even, 195-707 odd)

Gladstone Street

Glenfarg Street

Great Western Road (Nos. 16-420 even)

Grovepark Court

Grovepark Gardens

Grovepark Place

Grovepark Street

Henderson Street

Herbert Street

Holyrood Crescent

Holyrood Quadrant

Hopehill Gardens

Hopehill Road

Jardine Street

Karol Path

Lansdowne Crescent

Lansdowne Crescent Lane

Manresa Place

Maryhill Road (Nos. 2-334 even, 11-297 odd)

Moncrieff Street

Mount Street

Nansen Street

Napiershall Lane

Napiershall Place

Napiershall Street

New City Road (No. 196)

North Woodside Road

Oakbank Street

Possil Road (Nos. 2-44 even, 69 odd)

Raeberry Street (Nos. 15-149 odd)

Raglan Street

Rodney Street

Sawmillfield Street

Seamore Street

South Woodside Road (Nos. 100-118 even, 95-97 odd)

St Clair Street

St George’s Road (Nos. 280-464 even, 281-533 odd)

St Peter’s Path

St Peter’s Street

Tillie Street

Trossachs Court

Trossachs Street (Nos. 45,49 odd)

Unity Place

Windsor Terrace

Windsor Street

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