Woodside Community Police Surgery


police scotland

Do you have any concerns about crime or anti-social behavior in Woodside? You should know that a representative from Police Scotland West End community division is available from 5.30pm till 7.30pm one Thursday each month at Woodside Library in St Georges Road. This service is intended for Woodside residents and businesses who would like to discuss issues concerning them with a local Police officer in a private and confidential setting. Contact library staff for the date of the next surgery.

In addition West End Police Office is currently advising Woodside residents and workers that a  team of professional bicycle thieves is in our area. They are equipped with heavy duty bolt cutters for which a cheap chain or bike lock  is like string. If you live in Woodside or travel to work here by bicycle then their advice is to use an alloy steel D-style bicycle padlock. Your bike is worth it !