Wildflower Meadow Planting


Woodside park

The grant obtained in 2012 by your Community Council for our green space area between Braid Square and New City Road is finally being utilized to provide the promised wildflower meadows. Land and Environmental Services were assisted by a group from The Conservation Volunteers led by Katy Green, and together this month they planted over 1,000 pots of flowers.

Wildflower 026

The area near Oakgrove School received  Bird’s-foot Trefoil,  Meadow Buttercup, Meadow Cranesbill, and Primrose, while Foxglove, Red Campion, Teasel and Wood Avens were put beside the New City Road footpath. Around 1,000 flowers are to be planted in the wet area near Abercorn School, and another 2,000 are available to put beside the eastern blaes football pitch. It is hoped to complete this work on 30th June and 3rd July and volunteers are welcome. If you wish to help please contact us here.