West Glasgow Minor Injury Unit closes


The West Glasgow Minor Injury Unit (MIU), temporarily re-opened as part of the board’s winter plan, closed on Friday, 20 April at 9pm.

Opening the MIU from January to April enabled the Board to provide additional capacity over the peak winter months as well as the Easter holiday weekend where GP surgeries were closed.
The MIU service will now return to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital from 9am on 21 April.

The MIU is the only service affected at the West Glasgow site. The West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital at Yorkhill will continue to provide a range of local hospital outpatient services including:

•    Cardiology
•    Dermatology
•    Dietetics
•    Epilepsy
•    Occupational health
•    Orthopaedic
•    Respiratory testing
•    Maternity care
•    Children’s diabetes service.