Tesco public meeting


The Public Meeting on 16th June in Lansdowne Church agreed unanimously to oppose the proposed Tesco Express which is due to open on 1st October in one of the retail shells under construction at 341 Great Western Road. It was said that there are already 38 Tesco shops in the Glasgow area and that the diversity of local independent retailers would be reduced by their proposed expansion here.

Plans were formulated to create a local anti-supermarket business association and to ask Woodlands and Park Community Council to object to the grant of a licence to sell alcoholic drinks at this site. Another meeting has been arranged by Councillor Wardrop in the Albany Centre at  44 Ashley Street in Woodlands at 5.30 pm on Wednesday 3rd July and all Woodside businesses and residents are welcome to attend. More information is available at  facebook.com/groups/TESCOgreatWesternRoad for those interested in this development.