Scam in Local Car Park



A local resident has written to Hillhead Councillor Ken Andrew with the following story, which we publish as a warning to all Woodside residents and workers :

”I’m writing to highlight a ‘scam’ that I succumbed to on Saturday (March 26th) in Waitrose’s car park in Byres Road and which could occur at other west end locations, as someone very car security conscious re leaving nothing on display, it was a very slick operation.  

I’d put my shopping and handbag in the boot and left the car unlocked to return the trolley to the holding area, whilst doing so, a foreign national approached me, who brought a road atlas out of a plastic bag and asked for directions to England, with my back to the car, the accomplice opened the boot and removed my purse.  

I have been very fortunate, as my purse was discarded near Kelvinside Church and handed into the university,  the security staff emailed me as my staff card was in it, for up till then I was oblivious to the loss of my purse, having gone directly home from Waitrose and had not gone into my bag. 

I have cancelled my cards and informed the police and Waitrose; M&S informed me that the thieves had unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw cash from my credit card before discarding my purse, but are richer by £30 cash.”