Save our Concert Hall Steps


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At its meeting of 2nd February your Community Council agreed to support the ‘Save Our Steps’ protest against plans to remove the famous steps in front of the Royal Concert Hall. The proposals involve replacing the steps with an atrium and moving the statue of Donald Dewar. It is claimed by the developers that it is an essential requisite to the £400 million extension of Buchanan Galleries.

Protesters point out that the steps have become a Glasgow landmark and that they are used by thousands of people every week who meet or have lunch there. The City Planning Commitee meets at the end of February to consider the issue and the fact that in December 12,000 objections were lodged to these plans.

Campaigners have organised a public protest at the steps on Sunday 15th February from 1.00pm. The organisers hope that a large turnout of people with protest banners or placards will influence the decision of City Councillors. Woodside residents are urged to attend on the day to support this cause or sign the online petition at