River Kelvin Project


Investment to improve the waste water infrastructure on the River Kelvin.

Scottish Water will commence work on this project by the Kelvingrove Bandstand at the end of February 2019 and preparation work for six more locations North of Kelvinbridge will be carried out in Feburary and March 2019.

The projects will help prevent rags, baby wipes, plastic cotton buds, etc. from over flowing into the River Kelvin during severe storm events

Scottish Water is transforming Greater Glasgow’s waste water network with a multi-million pound programme of investment, improving the environment of the River Clyde and its tributaries while reducing flooding risk.

The River Kelvin investment of £15 million will involve work at 8 locations north of Kelvinbridge and 3 locations south of Kelvinbridge. This will help take care of the natural environment in the west end of Glasgow.

Part of the preparations include an archaeological dig along from the old mill. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that anything of archaeological significance is preserved. It is expected building foundations from the old flour mill will be unearthed.

Detailed information can be found at: http://scottishwater.co.uk/ glasgowwestend