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Napiershall Parking Zone is now in operation from Monday 18 April


The Napiershall Controlled Parking Zone is now in operation from Monday 18 April.

The streets in Kelvinbridge affected by the new controls are Napiershall Street, North Woodside Road, South Woodside Road, Lansdowne Crescent, Herbert Street and Holyrood Crescent.

Parking charges in the Napiershall zone will apply Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm.

Shorter hours in Napiershall were agreed following representations from locals.

Drivers using a parking meter will pay 10p for the first 30 minutes and 10p for every subsequent 10 minutes up to a maximum of three hours.

Permit holders and disabled badge holders are exempt from charges as along as a permit or badge is displayed.

They may also park in a designated space without limit of time.

Residents who are the owner of a vehicle registered at that address will qualify for a parking permit if their property was built or converted before January 1, 2000.

A permit costs £50 a year, £15 a quarter, and multi car households can get a permit for each car.

Residents and hotel owners will be able to buy visitor permits which will come in packs of five with each permit valid for six hours.

Visitors staying longer than six hours can scratch off two consecutive time periods to ensure they are covered.

Permits will be available from the parking shop at 46 Albion Street, in the Merchant City, open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and until 3.30pm on Fridays, and will cost £2 each. They can be bought in books of five.

Business permits will be available for £700 a year.

Lansdowne Planning Application


A detailed application for Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent has now been lodged by the Four Acres Charitable Trust for alterations to Lansdowne Church. The plans have been approved by the Church of Scotland and show how a bar and cafe are to be incorporated into the ground and first floor areas of the halls to the side of the main church.
The proposals include a glass enclosed seating area in the rear courtyard and outdoor benches in the garden facing Great Western Road. Your Community Council is happy that residential amenity will not be compromised by the alterations shown and will not be objecting to the application. All residents of Woodside are entitled to comment on the plans which can be viewed in the Department of Regeneration Services of the City Council at 229 George Street.

Butcher Closes


Docherty Brothers butchers of 44 Clarendon Place is to close after more than 50 years trading.
This means that Woodside will now be without a traditional European style butcher shop, although pre-packed or frozen meats are still available locally in retailers such as Lidl and Iceland in Maryhill Road.
Docherty BrosThe vacated premises at 44-46 Clarendon Place were granted a bookmakers license on 31st March in response to an application by Ladbrokes plc.
They are now the subject of a planning application for change of use to a betting shop, which should be decided in April or May 2006.

Housing Transfer Stymied

Housing Stock
Housing Stock

Local landlord Queens Cross Housing Association has been forced to shelve plans for the transfer of many homes in Woodside into its ownership.

According to director Frank McCabe residents in Burnbank were to have been balloted this year on the proposed change, with the remaining tenants in South Maryhill including Braid Square and surrounding area voting in 2006. Now it appears that European Union Law may prevent the former City Council properties presently owned by Glasgow Housing Association from changing hands without an open tender.

Lawyers from all sides including the Scottish Executive are urgently looking at the small print.

Although the transfer plans have been shelved, Mr. McCabe will meet with Glasgow Housing Association chiefs next month to continue as far as possible progress towards local housing control.

Without an ownership transfer control may be cosmetic, but in the meantime concerned Woodside tenants of both landlords should notice no change in management or rent, and can follow developments on the issue at the Queens Cross Housing Association website.

Bus corridor delay


Woodside residents have watched with interest as new parking bays have been constructed and a forest of new poles has been erected in the pavements of Great Western Road. These works have proceeded relatively smoothly in anticipation of the new peak hour bus corridor due to be introduced this year.
Unfortunately the contractors have now discovered a gas main in the wrong place at the Woodside end of the road and work cannot progress until it has been moved by Transco. These excavations cannot be started for at least 20 weeks and when they eventually start commuters and local shopkeepers can expect considerable disruption.
There should be no interruption of gas supplies to residents. Woodside Councillor Hanzala Malik was appraised of the problem during a recent site visit and offered to contact Transco to speed things up.
In the meantime all the poles (start, end and time plates for the new bus lane) will remain topless.

Parking Proposals


Woodside action committee the Metered Parking Group has submitted a set of alternative parking regulations to Steven Purcell the new leader of Glasgow City Council. The proposals are lengthy and attempt to address many of the issues thrown up by the introduction (or omission) of controlled parking in our neighbourhood.parking sign woodside

Now a meeting with Robert Booth, Director of Land Services, and George Gillespie, Head of Roads and Traffic, will be arranged to discuss all West End parking controls. Frustrated residents, especially in the uncontrolled Napiershall zone are asked to be patient while these exchanges continue. The Group intend to publish their proposals in full and the results of meetings on their website

Parking breakthrough meeting


Members of the local Metered Parking action group had a successful first meeting on 18th November with Robert Booth the Director of Land Services and his roads staff.

They have described the talks as a ‘breakthrough’ in their attempts to improve the parking regime for Woodside residents and businesses.

Every one of the points listed in the group’s alternative plan was discussed and apparently the officials were sympathetic and constructive in what was a 2 and 1/4 hour meeting.

The talks are planned to continue up to the proposed full review of the parking scheme due in February or March 2006.