Food Bank Petition : Response to Maryhill Foodbank Closure


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As reported in the Evening Times recently, the Greater Maryhill Foodbank closed on Friday, 25th March 2016, leaving local residents with no accessible emergency food supplies within the area.

Woodside Community Council is greatly concerned about this recent development, particularly as it has been regularly highlighted in the press about the financial challenges facing not only those on fixed incomes  but also the working poor, when the choice can often be between heating or eating.

Due to the closure of Greater Maryhill Foodbank, Woodside Community Council would welcome your comments, and indications of support, about establishing another foodbank within the area, as soon as possible.

Please comment below and we will keep you updated on any further developments.


Greater Maryhill Foodbank closes.  Tweet your support here for another another foodbank to be opened in the area.


  1. I applaud Woodside Community Council for pursuing the implentaion of a new foodbank for the area. The closure of GMFB is a shock to the community. This resource was a life saver to many of our neighbours, it provided emergency food and also a place of support for those in need. I, for one, fully support a service such as this and hope the community council can bring this back to those in need.

  2. As Chair of Woodside Community, I am acutely aware from working for the community council, and through research, how the past years of austerity has severely impacted on the daily lives of local residents, many of whom are on fixed incomes or low-paid occupations.

    Within this context it is hardly surprising that local foodbanks have now become a necessity within our society, therefore we have to ensure that another foodbank is opened quickly within our area.

    I would therefore ask that you post a comment of support for the establishment of a local foodbank, to replace the recent closure of Gt Maryhill Foodbank, and in doing so, demonstrate support of those within our community who need help now and in the future.

    Woodside Community Council will continue to lobby and represent this issue, strengthen by your endorsement.

    We cannot wait months, please post now.

  3. Eleanor, Grampian

    I am familiar with this area and it has many who rely on food banks. Without them, elderly and families with children will be severely affected. I am concerned that this country sends millions of pounds in overseas aid to countries who are able to spend money on space projects. Our country should take care of its own first and if there is anything left it can then be sent to those overseas countries in need. Look after our own is a priority.

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