Mud or meadow?


Woodside Community Council would like your support for a local wildflower meadow – before it is too late. A grant of £5,000 has been awarded to your Community Council to create a wildflower meadow in the greenspace between Braid Square and New City Road, the area we hope to designate as Woodside Park. But both the money and the meadow could be lost unless local people act quickly to show their support!

The meadow will bring colour to our urban environment and help to discourage would-be property developers from building on the land.

It will encourage community spirit and create an environment which discourages both loitering and anti-social behaviour.

It will provide recreation and education as a tranquil greenspace and as a nature studies area for children from Oakgrove and Abercorn schools.

So please help to guarantee the future of this local greenspace. Sign the petition in Woodside Library, or e-mail your support to your Community Council here !