Green Christmas


christmas recycling

If you have one of the sixty eight thousand real Christmas trees purchased in Glasgow in December here are the options provided by the City Council for recycling them after the festive season :

Woodside residents who have a brown bin should simply cut their tree into manageable pieces and place them in it, making sure the lid closes and the bits are not wedged in the bin. Or else you can take your real tree to one of the temporary recycling points available until 18th January. The nearest to Woodside is in Kelvingrove Park, Kelvin Way, at the grass area opposite the bandstand.

Please also recycle your Christmas cards, but remember that you can only put your plain Christmas cards in the blue recycling bins. Cards decorated with glitter can’t be recycled as this potentially causes problems at the paper mill, so these should be taken to one of the used card collection bins now available in many City department stores.