Double threat to Kelvingrove trees


Kelvingrove no trees

Your Community Council asks you to support two petitions to prevent the unnecessary felling of mature trees in Kelvingrove Park.

The first petition objects to a current park management plan by Glasgow City Council to return the park to its supposed original designed grass landscape without trees. Although the Council have denied this intention work has already begun along the riverbank as witnessed by local residents. This petition can be accessed on this website

The second petition organised by Green Party Councillor Martha Wardrop is to prevent the approval of a planning application by Glasgow University for further clear cutting of trees in the park. Please e-mail an urgent letter of objection in your own words to Glasgow City Council at

Woodside residents and businesses are urged act on these two issues to help prevent this lunacy.


  1. As Chair of Woodside Community Council I support this endeavour wholeheartedly and urge your support – please do sign the petition and utilise the template letter to register your objections to this travesty.

    I would like to add, as a local resident I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated being able to walk through the wooded, leafy areas of the park over the years, particularly, along the Kelvin. A walk I am sure enjoyed by many in the community and one worth fighting for. Please sign and write.

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