Bus corridor delay


Woodside residents have watched with interest as new parking bays have been constructed and a forest of new poles has been erected in the pavements of Great Western Road. These works have proceeded relatively smoothly in anticipation of the new peak hour bus corridor due to be introduced this year.
Unfortunately the contractors have now discovered a gas main in the wrong place at the Woodside end of the road and work cannot progress until it has been moved by Transco. These excavations cannot be started for at least 20 weeks and when they eventually start commuters and local shopkeepers can expect considerable disruption.
There should be no interruption of gas supplies to residents. Woodside Councillor Hanzala Malik was appraised of the problem during a recent site visit and offered to contact Transco to speed things up.
In the meantime all the poles (start, end and time plates for the new bus lane) will remain topless.