Burnbank Homeless Update


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At a meeting of over 120 local residents on Wednesday 28th May the controversial proposal to convert 25 Burnbank Gardens into a hostel for homeless men was vigorously attacked. Those attending criticized the lamentable lack of consultation by the Council Social Work staff. Many  complained bitterly about the impact that 40 male homeless persons and their friends would have on this pleasant family neighbourhood and also on its many elderly and vulnerable residents.  No-one spoke in support of the Council proposal.

A Burnbank Action Group website has been set up along with a Facebook page to inform everyone about the opposition plans. Hillhead Councillor Martin McElroy attended the public meeting and has now written to Eric Steel Head of Homeless Services qualifying substantially his previous support for this development and insisting in particular that the number to be housed there is reduced to between 12 and a maximum of 20. His letter can be read here.

Social Work Services have themselves organized an Information Open Day on Wednesday 4th June between 1pm and 8pm in Community Central Hall in Maryhill Road. Details can be read here. They have also published a fact-sheet which attempts to address some of the local concerns and which can be read here.

Woodside Community Council has placed the Burnbank proposals high on the agenda for its monthly meeting at 7.00pm on Monday 2nd June in Community Central Hall. Our meetings are open to the public and Woodside residents and businesses are welcome to attend and to raise and discuss local issues such as this. Alternatively you may comment on this webpage, or write to us or e-mail us here.


  1. On 2nd June, Woodside Community Council held a question and answer session with regard to the proposed change of Burnbank House to a Hostel for homeless men-many of whom will have severe social problems. Over 110 people attended the meeting in a large Hall in Maryhill Central Halls. 4 local councillors attended, Martha Wardrop, Ken Andrews, Pauline McKeever and Martin McElroy.

    The meeting was lively as most local residents feel very strongly.

    Martha Wardrop, Pauline McKeever and Martin McElroy showed conditional support for the plan and seemed unmoved by the anxiety and fear being expressed by the elderly residents who have been living in the area for years. Councillor Ken Andrew an S.N.P. Councillor spoke out against the plan, agreeing that bearing in mind the high percentage of elderly people living in the area, that it is a wholly unsuitable location. He was the only councillor who pledged his support to the passionate campaign to HALT this ill conceived plan.

  2. Social work services are holding an information session Wednesday 1.00 till 8.00 pm.
    We intend to show our feelings by handing out leaflets and showing the strength of support to HALT this plan.
    Please come along
    Wednesday 4th June, 1.30pm
    We would like to gather as many residents as possible to join us at 1.30 pm at Maryhill Central Halls to give maximum impact on getting our point across. The press have been invited.
    If you can’t make this time, please come along at 6.30 when you can show that we will not stand for this being imposed on us
    We say NO to Homeless Hostel

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