20’s Plenty for Woodside


(mandatory 20mph speed limit zone) order 201_

Glasgow City Council proposes to consider the introduction of the above named Traf c Regulation Order in terms of the Road Traf c Regulation Act 1984.

The order will affect the residential area generally bounded by Garscube Road to the east, Maryhill Road to the west and New City Road to the south.

The roads affected by these proposals are listed below:

Ancroft Street, Baird Brae, Barr Street, Braid Square, Braid Street, Burns Street, Callander Street, Cedar Court, Cedar Street, Civic Street, Clarendon Place, Clarendon Street, Corn Street, Doncaster Street, Edington Street, Farnell Street, Gladstone Street, Glenfarg Street, Grovepark Court, Grovepark Gardens, Grovepark Place, Grovepark Street, Hinshaw Street, Hopehill Gardens, Hopehill Road, Maltbarns Street, Manresa Place, Nansen Street, New City Road, North Woodside Road, Oakbank Industrial Estate, Phoenix Road, Raglan Street, Rodney Street, Sawmill eld Street, St Peters Street, St George’s Place, Trossachs Court, Trossachs Street, Unity Place, Windsor Street and Windsor Terrace.

This proposal would introduce a Mandatory 20mph speed limit zone.

A copy of the Draft Order, relevant map, statement of reasons and detailed report for proposing to make
the Order are available for inspection 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday inclusive at: Reception, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX.

Further information and copies of the relevant map, statement of reasons and detailed report can be viewed online at www.glasgow.gov.uk/proposedtro.

Any person wishing to object to the proposed Order must submit this in writing to Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or email land@glasgow.gov.uk and it must be received by Friday 15 June 2018.

It is the responsibility of the person making the objection to ensure that the Council receive it by the date stated above.

Glasgow City Council asks that all persons making a written submission state their name and address.
All objections must be made in writing and must contain a written statement of the grounds of the objection.

Support of the proposals can also be submitted using the above contact details.

Annemarie O’Donnell, Chief Executive,
City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DU