105 Tree Saplings Planted


Tree Planting 1

Your Community Council successfully applied to the Woodland Trust for a selection of trees to plant locally, and we now have received from them 105 saplings. The young trees are all native British species and comprise Silver and Downy Birch, Maple, Hazel, Hawthorn, Blackthorn and even some Oak. Planting is being undertaken by a team from The Conservation Volunteers shown above with our own vice chair Robert Alston.

Tree Planting 2

The area selected and pictured above is the high ground of Woodside Park in the corner between Garscube Road and the M8 motorway. This spot is well drained and gives the best prospects for the young trees to mature successfully. The ground was prepared for planting during a three day exercise by the Parks and Open Spaces department of Glasgow City Council.

The mature woodland will screen the busy motorway and provide a much needed wildlife enclave and nature resource for our local nursery and primary school children. The planting and protection of this most welcome feature has been funded by the Hillhead Area Partnership.