100 Santa Sacks – Thank You Letter

Graphic by Marwa Ebrahim











Just a quick update. Below you can see the letter we included with the Christmas cards that were included in the Santa Sacks. It has some acknowledgements in it that you might like to see.

Woodside Community Council 

Many thanks for continued support by Woodside Community Council members for their time and effort to make this year such a success! Also thanks to:

North West Area Partnership

Queens Cross Housing Association

Glasgow West Housing Association

John Crockett, Store Manager, Tesco Metro. Gt Western Road 

Special Thanks to: 

Paul Shevlane, Wintersgills

For funding a generous raffle, in addition, to his continued support of the

100 Santa Sacks Appeal

Paul is a valued associate member of Woodside Community Council

Finally, if I have missed any contributor’s please do accept my apologies.  The response from our student community has been tremendous, coupled with the above organisations greatly appreciated funding support.  Many thanks. 

Merry Christmas! 

Jacqueline McKie

Founder, 100 Santa Sacks Appeal & Co-Chair, Woodside Community Council