100 Santa Sacks for the Elderly


santa sacks

This Christmas 2015 Woodside Community Council aims to collect enough donated food to fill 100 Santa Sacks as a Christmas gift from the community to our elderly residents.  Conscious of an impending harsh winter it is not unknown for the elderly to have to choose between eating and heating. 

Unfortunately, foodbanks have become a way of life for many working poor. However, older people express that they will not take charity as it is ‘for others, not for them’. Having lived through a war and rationing, they get by on very little instead of seeking help.

We want to help.

Our target is 100 sacks for distribution before Christmas. However, with your help could we possibly exceed this target? Not only to give a gift, but to demonstrate to the elderly, that they are not forgotten and we care.

Should you wish to donate the following are suggested food items, but please consider some festive cheer which can be included in your donation – biscuits, mince pies, some festive cake! Please give generously…..Our drop off point is Wintersgills, 226 Great Western Road G4 9EJ.