100 Santa Sacks Appeal – Background Story

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University Challenge: 100 Santa Sacks Appeal 2016, 2nd November – 1st December 2016:

2nd – 1st – 2 Universities: 1 Objective


Background Information:

I have just launched the second year of the 100 Santa Sacks Appeal which was conceived last year as a community initiative from the result of research I undertook related to the closure of our local foodbank in the West End.

Research indicated the elderly do not use foodbank’s, confirmed by the Trussell Trust who manage many successful foodbanks throughout the UK. This generation has a proud and independent ‘make do and mend’ approach to life and often have to make the choice during harsh Scottish winter’s between eating and heating.

From this realisation, the 100 Santa Sacks was born, to deliver a Santa Sack filled with food and goodies, to 100 of our local elderly residents.

Initially promoted within the School of Geographical & Earth Science, Glasgow University last year, I collected more than a dozen crates of food from students and staff which helped fill the Santa Sacks.

Endorsed by the local Woodside Community Council, where I was Chair, the community council also generously donated money for food raised by the council for this cause, filling and delivering the Santa Sacks parcels to the local elderly within our area in the West End of Glasgow. Supported by donations from local housing associations and their staff

It was a fantastically successful campaign last year and the gratitude of the recipients have prompted a further development of the concept, to this year’s:

University Challenge: 100 Santa Sacks Appeal 2016, 2nd November – 1st December 2016:

2nd – 1st – 2 Universities: 1 Objective 

The Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown down to two wonderful Universities – Glasgow Caledonian University & Glasgow University to see which University can raise the most food for the 100 Santa Sacks Appeal. 

The starting gun was fired on the 2nd November 2016 and all the students have until end of play on the 1st December 2016 to collect the food donations.

After the 1st December, the aim is to count the food collected at both Universities, in order to determine the winner, and reveal which University has won.

Scottish Television have voiced an interest in this appeal and talks are ongoing to determine how this initiative will be covered for local broadcast. 

Who Benefits?

There are several reasons why I develop this concept further:

  1. Firstly, to give a ‘gift’ to the local elderly again this year. Not to be seen as ‘charity’ but as recognition that they are valued members of the community and not forgotten, particularly, at a time of year which can be emotionally challenging for young and old alike.
  2. Secondly, to use this initiative to offer an opportunity of meaningful engagement between young and old.

    Due to the current divisive nature with local, national and international societies, this was an opportunity for, young and old to engage and challenge preconceived, negative ideas about both demographics.

  3. Thirdly, to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and spread a bit of festive cheer for participants and recipients alike. 

I sincerely hope the above gives an overview of past and present objectives of the 100 Santa Sacks, however, keep watching and see how this story will unfold.

Merry Christmas

Jacqueline McKie

@ 100 Santa Sacks Appeal